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Its not about just writing something! It’s about writing correct! DOING WHAT IS REQUIRED BY THE COMPANY! It’s about showing you can follow rules and instractions! Write alsways full sentences no shortcuts! Use our STANDARD Message Templates! Be always friendly and helpful! Answer imediately don’t let a customer wait! NEVER!


All Leads have to be contacted with this 3 messages! Watch the video to learn how first!

Contact method Whatsapp. After sending this 3 messages calling after client see messages! If client dont see or react on messages ofcourse also calling! 

This is a very good method to contact old leads also easy and fast. 

Now watch this video please.

Thank You

Message 1

Send each Lead / Client before calling or old leads who dont have this Whatsapp Message!


Hi, how are you?
Did you see this video?
Let me know please as soon as possible…


Message 2

After Lead / Client read or reply message!


Do you know what is EMS Training and how it WORKS?

Message 3

After Lead / Client read or reply message!


Ok, great, look, watch this short video that explains it all perfectly!


Message 4

Do you see our RESULTS? How people like you change their life and are super happy today? 

Watch it here:


Message 5

We have a free 60 minutes consultation worth 300 AED totaly free today for you!

Do you like that? Let’s book your appointment today latest tomorrow to get started!

Here are all our prices and packages:


Message 6

This is our location see you at your booking on Monday at 5 pm.


Body Time
Business Bay
Regal Tower
Office 2509


It was a pleasure talking to you.

Your Coach Sujan


Hello dear,

I welcome you to Body Time and it is a pleasure for me to talk to you.

In order to inform you professionally about all of our great offers, services and even what of our many locations suits you the best you have to provide me your best reachable phone number that I am able to give you my full attention via a call.

Let’s get fit and talk soon.

To Far away

Body Time: I can understand you (Name) that you think that way in a first fast reaction.
If we were an usual gym or a supermarket we were mostly around the corner, there you are totally right.
But we are the most special and most advanced gym system in the world.
With us, Body Time you have to train never more than just once per week for just 20 minutes to achieve all your weight and health goals.
You will visit us only once a week not 4 -5 times like you have to do it with other usual gymes.
We provide you the fastest and most effective workout system in the world.
And you are really more than most welcome to enjoy all the benefits and advantages you will have with our product and our full workout and nutrition services from A – Z. I am offer you on top of the free consultation, an one full Body Time Workout Session for free that you are able to experience our amazing results first hand.
Please can you give me now your second thought on it (Mr. … Or Mrs. …)

To Expensive

(Remember before talking about the price: Have Sold In on with the customer. Your professional and smart Sales Presentation should cover all strategies and clearifications of the benefits and advantages of our product and service in order that the customer knows the value and understands therfore automatically that the price is fully reasonable.)

Body Time:
Question Options to acknowledge the issue and the details to react specifically to the real concerns behind the Price Objection.

“How are you coming to the thought that our products and services are too expensive?”

“Expensive compared to what?”

(Remember a Price is always relative. If the value of the product and service gets clear and highly benefical for the customer then the price will be automatically alright and totally reasonable.)

After the customer answered:
You have to react specifically to the points of their answer, and always start it in a way like that:

“Now I understand your concern fully, thank you for letting me know.”

Now you have to make a whole sales process according to the customers concern/concerns.

Here an example:

“It totally fits what you just let me know to what a customer yesterday told me”

(Create now a very short story what you discussed with the customer from yesterday what fits to the concerns now and what information changed the whole situation / or what solution you provided to the customer. And right away today she/he finished her/his first workout session more than satisfied.)

Include now a lot of values, benefits and advantages of our product that provides the customer exactly what the customer wants.
And make the customer clear that she or he will achieve their special goal here 100% in the most professional and fastest way.

When you get the response and the feeling that the customer understands more and more that she or he is getting everything she or he wants and she or he is on the exactly right address here with our company – Then you could go to the booking of the appointment.
And if it is needed offer the customer something like that:

“I know that you understood now theoretically that you will achieve your goal/goals with Body Time in the next few weeks. But you know what, I am willing to let you feel and experience it first hand,…I will arrange you as a gift a Full Free Body Time Workout Session from A -Z.”

Be very friendly and consistent in the following sales process and book the appiontment.

I will think about it

Believe me, I’m with you. But the good news is that taking just 30 seconds with me right now could change the way you will live your life, and could really, really help you to be in the shape of your life and saving a lot of money as well.

In fact, let me share briefly with you how we’ve helped thousands of people just like you.

(Before and Afters with Statement is an option)

And right now we have really interesting promotions going on.

(Option to add)

Let us right now think about it together (Name Customer).


I did put a note that one of our Service Team Members will call you to a better time (Name Customer).

To make it for you most comfortable I would ask you to, to give me a time or a time frame when you are best to reach?

I will start next month


Our customer oriented company policy says we always have to inform our customers and potential customers about our special offers to give them the opportunity to get for them selves the best deal available.
Right Now we have an amazing offer going on which is only this week available.

….( Here we insert a block text out of the Block: Special Offers)

For example:
“New customers of this special offer are getting two VIP work out sessions on top for free as a welcome gift, which equals a price of 750 Aed”

Important information:
The Special Offer Tactic in the sales has to be a real deal for that special customer.
And has to be integrated in the system and as well noted in mind body and on the clients contract that everything is going its way like promised.

I Dont have time now

“I am sorry for your perspective torwards the time and I appreciate your answer.
Please let me ask you if you tried to manage your time before in order to working on your fitness, weight or health goals?

Customer answer:…

Body Time:
(Now ask the customer more and more in detail what he really wants (In Detail)

And make the customer clear that his goal is easier to achieve than he could imagine.
Share with the customer some of your Success Stories.
Make the customer clear that he will save with Body Time (The fastest Workout System in the world) more time than with any other option in the world.

(If you were not able to book him now)

Ask the customer friendly to reschedule a follow up in order to talk to the customer about the options in 1 week.

ADD is Missleading

I am very sorry that is not our way of doing business (Name).

I’m immedately ready to take care of your unpleasent experience and will talk with you one on one on the phone to answer you all your question and to give you all the informations and details that you require.

(If you do not have the phone number ask for the phone number and call the customer very friendly and consistent by working strongly on the Sales now in that situation)

I will Call You

(It means you were not able to built trust and enough attention according to what helps the customer and that our product and service is the totally right solution for the customers needs.
You have to ask questions now in detail about the needs and wishes of the customer, now you have to listen 90% and lead the conversation with your questions until the customer realizes how important it is to act NOW on it.
Then you can catch the customer by making the customer clear that she or he will get what she/he needs and wants from you, with Body Time…)

Body Time:
1. Confirm: “That’s fine…”

2. Get Permission, Ask for: “And is it ok to call you again in say, 7 days, unless I hear from you sooner?”

Start with ‘and’; never use ‘but’ (which sounds negative in some contexts and creates resistance.) 

The time frame of 7 days in the example could be any time frame, 10 days or 2 months. You have to sense it and choose the right time frame according to the conversation and informations you got.

9 out of 10 clients will react positive according to studies, for sure only if you kept the Sales Strategies.

3.Remind them that they confirmed it that you will contact/call them.

“(Name of the Customer) when we last spoke in (March) you suggested that I should give you a call around that time now…it is a pleasure to hear you again…

(By telling them that they confirmed and suggested it … you create a space of allowance and are not interrupting them that gives you the permission to talk with them more reasonable)


Split Test (A / B) Version

Version A iPhone

Hi Mark it’s time for the best fitness offer in the world!

This is Norbert from BODY TIME and I make you today an irresistible offer!

Personal Training UNLIMITED SESSIONS for just 197 AED per month!

Let’s subscribe you to this amazing limited time offer.


Version B Samsung

Hi Mark it’s time to get fit and feel amazing. I’m Norbert from BODY TIME and I make you the best fitness offer in the world today! 

Are you tired during the day and wanna change this? 

My offer is Personal Training UNLIMITED SESSIONS for just 197 AED! 

With an amazing technology from Germany that makes you fit with just 20 minutes once a week! 

Let’s goooo Mark