11 October 2023 | Basics


Meeting Rules Explained

Client Registration Form 

When to do with whom and what follows after. Client Name Correction in system

Membership Contract

How to fill out example and task before get started

Schedule Blocked from 2:30 to 3:30 pm for the meeting! No clients at this time / in future doors will be closed this time.

  • New Rules? Changes again 
  • Calls follow ups how 10 per hour
  • Rebooking easy Candy, Carsten example
  • No Shows Brown Gmail action
  • Cryo free after EMS Anago continuously
  • Smart Digital Learning

Pushing and motivating team for a good week.

18 October 2023 | Basics

Your Title Goes Here


  • Towels given to the clients (Hassan) 3min
  • Electrodes (Hassan) 3min
  • Cryo Assistance (Nicole) 3min
  • Sales Retailing Same Day, Account and same Person Same Amount (Alisha) 5min
  • Contact Logs (Ahmed) 2 min
  • General Cleaning (Candy) 3min
  • Dealing with clients late sessions (APPS) (Sujan) 
  • Target Achievements Over the basic target (NS)
  • Client not satisfied with training of new trainer (NS) Robin

Pushing and motivating team for a good week.

Goals self improvement for this week from each team member