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Start here read all instructions on this page and watch all videos!

How we get started?

1. Send me Norbert Simonis a friend request on Facebook (Personal Page)

2. Send me Norbert Simonis a message with text: “Please ad me to the Social Media Chanels”

3. Follow me Norbert Simonis on the remaining 3 Social Medias!

  • Answer Potential Clients | Leads Immediately 100% 100%
  • Write FULL sentences with CAPITAL letter where needed. NO SHORTCUTS! 100% 100%
  • Be always friendly and support as needed! 100% 100%

The Future of Fitness, Best Fitness System in the world! Health & Fitness For EVERYONE!

We are here to make people healthier and better striving for success worldwide! Learn What It Takes to Climb the Ladder … Step by Step Better!

Norbert Simonis

CEO & Founder, BODY TIME

Which Social Media you will manage?

1. Facebook

2. Instagram

Click below on socila media channels and start following.


  1. Reply to messages DM
  2. Reply to comments for each person
  3. Reply to the entire comments
  4. Write people who give us a like DM
  5. Write people direct who comment DM 
  6. Continously engage with the audience we have 1000 of likes, comments, messages etc.



1. Writing and engaging with all our contacts with simple messages like:

Hello dear, how are you today?

2. We have 3 messages that we send above is first the second is this:


please provide me your phone number and I call you to provide you all imformations and details.

Talk Soon AND, make you fit. 

This is related to social media engagement.

Than we have the quality check.

That include checking if all the contact numbers we get daily are introduced in our CRM system.

Checking if all client Informations have been introduced in the CRM system properly. New client added properly and contact log created properly.

Next step is checking if they follow up with the clients properly what’s visible in the CRM system under the contact log created from my personal trainer team.

All mistakes done documented in a excel sheet.

It’s a full time job. Daily 8 hours. 6 days a week!

NR. 1 | Social Media NEW Activities (10 to 30 min)

Check Facebook and Instagram daily to respond all comments, and messages. Engage with the audience to get their number and send to the team in WhatsApp group: LEADS BT 🔥🔥🔥

NR. 2 | Social Media PAST Activities (Remaining time of 8 hours)

Same as in point 1. Engage with older conversations in messages and comments to get numbers and win new, NEW LEADS (Numbers) Post on Whatsapp Group: LEADS BT 🔥🔥🔥

NR. 3 | Check 2 Emails (20 – 40 min)

For the first email check that all New Leads “NOTIFICATION” Subject Emails are saved as New Contact correct in Mindbody and that they create the first contact log with infos what happened at the first contact!

This have to be done very responsible immediately as soon as a lead comes inside the inbox. 

For the second email:

Answer each email daily according what clients ask with following helpful documentation: 



Also keep in mind to deliver the contact informations phone number from leads we generate from the email.

NR. 4 | Whatsapp

You will get a Excel List with whatsapp contacts customers and leads who applied for our services in the past.

You have to answer new messages, engage with old conversations and write people from the list following sentence to start new fintess conversations:

“Hello Dear,

how are you today? Are you fit and healthy?”

We will give you a whatsapp number that you have to use.

NR. 5 | Mistakes List

Here you mention all mistakes done every mistake its a 10 AED fine for the TRAINER who did the mistake. For each mistake they do you advise them also In the same time. 

For this we have a WhatsApp group (Mistakes List BT ) where you can communicate with them and advice them about what they did wrong to be aware about the mistake and take care in future. 

It’s your duty to advice and show them the mistake?

NR. 6 | Check CCTV Cameras & Schedule in Mindbody (2 – 5 minutes)

Daily control aver the trainer activities in the studio. 

They have 2 tasks: 1. Doing Trainings, 2. Doing Calls Follow up with the necessary Contact Log Report done properly and understand able! 

If they don’t work ad fine in Misatkes Excel sheet and inform them in the whatsapp group.

NR. 7 | Controling Leads

Every Lead, Contact each single phone number in any email, whatsapp or in any social media account achived have to be checked if number and contact was introduced in the CRM system Mindbody and if each single contact has a contact log created!

NR. 8 | Contact Log Report

Make daily a Contact Log Report from last day to see if they do all follow ups. Check also during the actual working day if they do enough contact logs.

Trainers have to do contact logs as follow!

Daily mandatory calls! Answered Calls! No Call me Later or No Answer Counted!

✅ 5 PT’s – 60 Calls

✅ 10 PT’s – 40 Calls 

✅ 15 PT’s – 20 Calls 

✅ 20 PT’s – 10 Calls

All this tasks are super responsible tasks react immediately because leads / prospects are hot in the moment they contact us thats why it’s super important and mandatory to answer immediately that we deliver the best customer service and support!

Answer daily messages and comments on:

  • Facebook, 
  • Instagram, 
  • LinkedIn, 
  • WhatsApp 
  • and our emails.

Minimum actions required copy paste messages daily:

  • Facebook, (200)
  • Instagram, (200)
  • LinkedIn, (200)
  • WhatsApp (200)
  • and our emails. (50)



Your GOAL is jut to get the number from the Lead! Don’t answer questions! Always write:

Hello dear,

I welcome you to Body Time and it is a pleasure for me to talk to you.

In order to inform you professionally about all of our great offers, services and even what of our many locations suits you the best you have to provide me your best reachable phone number that I am able to give you my full attention via a call.

Let’s get fit and talk soon.





How To Start New Conversations?


Just write simple short sentences like:

Hello, how are you today?

Are you fit? Happy with your body?

Are you doing sport?

What kind os sport?

Did you try Body Time Workouts?



Do you wanna get our offer?

Can i ask you something in private?