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by Jan 13, 20210 comments

Steve Weight Loss Results Body Time EMS Fitness

Using Coach Norbert and his excellent knowledge from everything about supplementing to technique to his 3 way to build muscle. 

Noting but facts. I started off my day with apple cider, fish oil and a multi. 3 eggs and an avocado. 

And eating my body weight in protein. Soon enough the compliments started coming and I went from 88 Kg gradually but progressively to 76 Kg and still growing pure muscles by reducing fat.

And starting my mornings and ending my days like that motivated me to eat healthy and do my weekly EMS Workouts at Body Time.

Practicing every muscle building techniques Coach Norbert has taught me. I don’t have a big brother figure in my life. And I know it sounds crazy but I really feel Coach Norbert was that big brother that guided me to a better healthier fit lifestyle.

And for that…

thanks a lot bro


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