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Niki Weight Loss Results Body Time EMS Fitness

After I left home and finished high school I put on 20kgs. I stopped going to the gym and made very poor food choices.

I got very lazy and often over ate. In the beginning I ignored all the weight I was putting on by covering myself up with baggy clothes. It got to a point where I couldn’t fit any of my clothes and I lived in stretchy pants.

I was too insecure to go out or even let my partner look at me. I knew that I needed help. A friend of mine was raving about Coach Norbert so i decided to see if he could help me get back on track. Coach Norbert made a customized program for me and I began to fall in love with exercise again. Coach Norbert made me realize I wasn’t giving my body the energy it needed.

After following his meal plans I instantly started to feel more energized and my skin and hair looked healthier too.

It wasn’t long until I lost all the weight and now I love going out.


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