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by Nov 28, 20200 comments

I began working out when I was 16 years old. I had no idea what I was doing when I first walked into a gym. I would only stay consistent for a few months at a time. As I got older I gained some experience and began to form basic technique while performing strength training exercises. I started to believe that I knew exactly what I was doing and I knew everything about nutrition.

I came to a realization less than a year ago that I must not know much about this lifestyle. Here I was at 26 years old looking at transformation pictures wondering why I wasn’t seeing these results. I found Coach Norbert online and I wanted what he had. I admired his physique because it seemed practical and comfortable. I always desired to maintain a figure with muscular development being tone and healthy. I never wanted to be uncomfortably big where I lost mobility and function.

I decided to give it a chance and committed to the Body Time team for a 12 week plan. I put in 95% effort and was 100% satisfied with my results. When I began I weighed 94 Kg @ 17.6% body fat. After 12 weeks I weighed in at 103 Kg @ 8.7% body fat. Not only did I grow physically along this endeavor but I gained so much knowledge about wellness. Thanks to this fitness team and their informative support, I was inspired by my personal results to begin a career in the fitness industry. I am proud to say I recently received my certificate as a fitness trainer. I am eager to use my passion for fitness to motivate and coach others to achieve their personal goals and improve their lifestyle.

I plan to stay on the Body Time team and continue following suggestions since the results have effectively proven themselves. I know being part of this team will continue to educate myself and display personal growth. I will be forever grateful for the role Coach Norbert has played in my life. This has been a journey I could enjoy rather than endure. I’m excited to see my transformation one year from now with the continued support from Body Time Fitness.


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