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Its not about just saying something! It’s about saying the right words with proper accent and pronuntation! DOING WHAT IS REQUIRED BY THE COMPANY! It’s about showing you can follow rules and instractions! Talk alsways full sentences no shortcuts! Use our STANDARD Talking Templates! Be always friendly and helpful! Answer imediately don’t let a customer wait! NEVER! You need to talk in that way that the client can understand you easy change your talking behavior from personal behaviour to professional company respresetative behaviour!



At First Memorize that wisdom about Sales:


If you sale a price, if you discuss about the price if it is too expensive or can I get a discount and more discount …

You are doing everything wrong!

The only skill you have is to lower the price and make it cheaper and cheaper.

And that is no skill, excuse my language but that is unskilled and you should pay your company for doing that much damage and shit.

Sales Is To Sale The Benefits And Advantages Of The Service And The Product To The Customers

The Job in Sales is to Present all the Benefits to the clients which they want.

Only if the customer learns about the great and good Benefits and Advantages they will have with the product, they will be really interested in the product.

And in the moment they are interested in the Benefits and Advantages of the product and service, then you are catched them.

The CATCHING is a crucial and magical turning point in the Sales Process.

Because now the objective money sets back more and more until the objective is that small that all the Benefits and Advantages you offering them is better, bigger and more precious than the thought of the price.


That means for you in the Sales:

  1. Know Your Products and Services IN AND OUT.
  2. Know many many Sales Pitche in all sorts of variations.
  3. Know all Benefits and Avantages to the smallest detail of your Product and Services.
  4. Know that the customer is not informed and all of his decisions if positive or negative can change in any direction, in any moment.

That means for you, everything is in your hands. When you are presenting the right informations, and you are presenting all the benefits and advantages the customer wants to hear and have. 

Then the customer can and will always decides to your favor.


The Psychology Of Objections By Potential Clients

– And what is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do:


Let us define ONE terminology that will change everything for you to your advantage, Sold In.

Sold In

Sold in means that you have sold your product, service, the membership to the customer before you even told him the price or asking him if he wants to have a membership. (called Closing, the last and final step of the sales process).

You see, to have a Sold In on the customer is the Main Objective in the Sales.

Because the last step, the closing, is a short process that is only allowed to do when the process of the SOLD IN is successfully finalized.

If you speak about the price or about the membership with the client and you get a rejection or an objection then you done a aweful job in the Sold In Process or you held the Sold In Process too short.

To turn the objections or rejections to a wilingly Yes, is something really more difficult than any other Sales Strategy. Thats why it is only allowed to go to the CLOSING when you successfully finalized the Sold In Process.

But if it gets so far and you get rejections or objections then it counts always the same:

Be Prepared – For what is to do now!

And now let us go more in to the understanding of the magic of the psychology of the potential client when they leave the state of defending their money from you.

To do so and to experience the turn from defending the money from you to trust you and really loving your service, product and offer, you have to be Prepared In: 

  1. Speeches
  2. Messages
  3. Categories
  4. Objections
  5. Objection managing
  6. Knowledge
  7. Being Friendly
  8. Consistence
  9. 100% confidence
  10. Loving your product and service

Professional skills and strategies you ALWAYS have to use to sale your product to the customers.

  1. Trust
  2. Names
  3. Stories
  4. Secrets
  5. Insights
  6. Understanding knowledge:

Nutrition, Work Outs, Dieting, Products…

More defined:

Get personal and private with the person.

Own their trust by telling them and signalizing them that you understand them.

Trust is the main working ground to connect the customer to yourself and thus to the product and service you are offering – that results in the highest potential of a Successful Sale.

Knowledge And Confidence

Knowledge and confidence is the most powerful weapon to create your status of AUTHORITY.

Authority is THE KEY to make the people listen and believe what you are telling them.

In the moment they really believe what you are telling, offering them, they most likely want to spend their money on exactly that to get it for themselves.

Number One rule while talking to the customer:

You are talking and you are asking the questions but not too much questions (only one exception = figuring out what they EXACTLY WANT in detail)

The reason why you have to talk nearly all the time is because you are presenting your offer and you are presenting it in the way the person has to like, want and love it.

You are bending and creating all your sentences and all of your speeches in that way the customer wants to hear, it in order that the customers are amazed by it.

A very good orientation of the talk to listen ratio is:

80% talking and leading the conversation

20% listening to the potential client.


The Golden Rule of The Sold In:

Get your 5 Yeses form the customer:

When you get five Yeses from the customer according to the quality of your service and product.

And as well of the project you both want to achieve together then it is a very save state of a Sold In with that particular person.

After you get 5 good Yeses you can mostly move to the booking or closing, signing a membership.

(But take care as well of the Point: Figuring exactly out what the customer wants)

Examples of Yeses you can and have to get:

  • Do you like what you hear? Yes
  • Sounds that great to you? Yes
  • Could you imagine to feel better after we reached our goal? Yes
  • Do you like the advantages of just 20 minutes working out only once a week? Yes
  • Did you know that you will burn after a session with us more calories over the whole week than ever before in your life?

Customer: No

Body Time:

Yes, this the extraordinary Afterburn Effect that we are creating with our special work out system.

Do you like that?

Customer Yes!

You see, you can create several puestions in that style of getting a YES, after you presented your product in the most amazing way.

Because it is your strategy of presenting the product perfectly and using the momentum of that amazing presented point to the right timing to get a YES as an anwser from your customer.

Create a build up of a great point argument/benefit from the product for the customer and then ask the question for getting a YES.

And remember after 5 Yeses you are right on track to book the client or to sign him.

Let the customer exactly figuring out…: what they really want to achieve and why!

(let them feel it strongly)

And after the detailed realization you have to convince the customers 100% from the fact that your service and product is getting them exactly what they want, in the best and most professional way.

For example:

Body Time: What is your goal?

Customer: I want to lose weight.

Body Time: This is the most important decision we have to make when it comes to our health, congratulations to that (Name of the customer, Sarah).

Customer: Thank you

Body Time: Is there a special reason why you want to lose weight and how much should it be?

Customer: I do not know exactly I think I should lose simply some pounds.

Body Time: I am straight honest to you now, alright.

Losing weight is by far the main goal of our customers and to experience that huge amount of transformations and thousands of success stories here at work, is the biggest motivation for myself to do my job because to create joy and happiness is simply priceless, I am sure you can understand that emotionally!?…


…So if you want to lose just some pounds or even 60 or 100 pounds it really doesn’t matter because one fact is sure we will do it.

Let us do it more simple.

How much pounds or kgs do you want lose in the first four weeks?

As a side note I will tell you that a lot of clients losing between 2 and 3 pounds after the first work out.

Customer: That is very good. I think I want to lose 8 pounds in the first month.

Body Time: That is what I wanted to hear that are goals and even better 100% doable, I could congratulate you right now, its done. (Name – in a good mood)

The customer is now as well in a good mood

Body Time: Alright and now let us take a look 3 to 4 months in the future.

Let us say you lost 30 or easy 40 pounds, in fact with just 20 minutes once a week would you give yourself right now the good avice to start working out with that exact system?

Customer: Yes!

Body Time: Oh what a surprise (smiling, joke)

(Serious again)

If I am allowed to say that but it is really a big pleasure to talk to you, thank you (Name).

Customer: Oh thank you too.


Body Time: (Name Sarah) You know what, I have only some spots left this week and actually I have to save them for existing clients.

But I really really want to give you the opportunity to start right away with the power we both created here right now.

What day suits you the best, Wednesday, Friday or Sunday?

Customer: Sunday is good.

Body Time: Alright, Is it better for you in the morning or evening?

Customer: In the morning.

Body Time: Perfect. Then we have to choose from 9 am and 10:30 am.

Customer: I like to come at 10:30 am. ….Now you thanking and say good bye and telling the customer that you are looking forward to see or hear from her or him.

Sending the confirmation etc. .

This example is just a demonstration of endless variations.

What is the main point:

To get friendly in to detail what the person really wants like:

  • Losing 10 kgs in 7 weeks.
  • Or fitting again in their lovely dresses
  • Or being proud to look good on the beach.
  • Or to reduce the pain and getting life quality again…
  • And so on.

Important is to lead and manipulate the conversation to that state where you both really figuring out what the exactly goal is.

And then convince them and tell them how often you experienced exactly that transformation with clients and how save it is that she or he will achieve it with Body Time as well 100%.

On Top you can send them a very similar before and after transformation with a clients statement, suiting to their person and goal.

This will spend trust.

Motivate and inspire them.

And is making them believing more in the project and product.

The Art Of Creating The Customers Decisions:

After all the above explained Rules and Strategies that are including to this section we will acknowledge a more elegant point that is forming the behavior of the customer torwards the decision to making real business with you/us.



Those Influencing Sentences will be said or written just out of a sudden, very easy included in to the conversations.

Sentences that demonstrating our success and our huge Benefits and Advantages.

An example will be given out of the example conversation from above where you can see we allready did that.

There we have it, a part from above:

Customer: I do not know exactly I think I should lose simply some pounds.

Body Time: I am straight honest to you now, alright.

Losing weight is by far the main goal of our customers and to experience that huge amount of transformations and thousands of success stories here at work…

Now I will explain it.

The first sentence is about gaining trust:

“I am straight honest to you now, alright.”

And now I present such a great point to the customer without that she was asking me. Because it sounds fluent and suits to the issue therefor it makes totally sense and ON TOP the customer learns how good and great we are and this is something she really likes.

“Losing weight is by far the main goal of our customers and to experience that huge amount of transformations and thousands of success stories…”

And now a very intelligent detail, by ending the sentence with:

“….thousands of success stories Here At Work.”

“here at work” implements that it is my (our) profession and it has a price, because it is a job, my working place.

We are implementing the issue of paying as a fact without announcing money or a price.

You have to create a BIG List for your own with a lot of Influencing Sentences that you can always use when the conversations let it happen, and those options are there in every conversation mostly even several times.

Influencing Sentences Examples:

  • Our clients losing faster weight than ever before and that in the shortest time they ever done it, I mean even I don’t know a shorter work out than our method in 20 minutes.
  • Most of our clients are achieving their weight and health goals with us for the first time because to go to the gym 3 to 5 times a week was too much and too exhausting for them. We provide them for the first time a solution they can comfortable do and they let the efficency of our system do the job. …
  • That is really funny, if you would just know how many times I heard this, this and the last year … too often. (smiling)

And this is good, this is just great because when you have the same problem as many many people before you then I know the result you will experience…And to enjoy the success and achievments is and feels always amazing.

Those Influencing Sentences are just examples and you have to create more and more on your list that you are always prepared to be a successful Sales Master.


Empathy And Sympathy:

When you really care about the customers and you let feel them that.

Then you are worthy to trust, then you are someone who they wish to have around.

Then you are someone who gets a lot of important informations out of them, that you can use to present them exactly the benefit they need from us and they will get from us.

When you really strongly care about the customers in the Sales then you will never give up.

You will figuring out what the person wants and what she desires thus you will present them what they want and that they get from you, from your Product and from your Services.

When you have a lot of empathy and you create a lot of sympathy with the customer then you are able to turn every attitude and decision in to your favor!


Calls and Re-Calls:

6-8 times is an Average Rule to retry to call the customer again.

Only after then we go to the strategy: Writing them, while we as well try to call the customer further.

Why we always want to talk to them on phone and book them:

The sound and tune of the voice is doing 80% of the information-transmitting and therefore 80% of the decision making of the customer.

That means when we write with the clients we have 80% less chance to book them.

The other very important point is:

On the phone we can create a real conversation where we can really react on the clients mood and emotional state and we can faster interact with their thought processes, which is very important to create and form there decisions.

While writing you can only guess in which mood the customer is in and that means your reaction are a silly game.

On phone on the other hand you will be aware of the clients mood and emotional situation and your reactions can be on point.

The same works even better in person than on the phone.

That is why we have to book them and interact with them in person.

In person has the body language most of the power.

Over 80% of what you communicate with the customer will be interpretated from your body language.


Practice Strategies you have to use:

  • Read in front of your working shift your Sales Script loud and strongly confident.
  • Have your Sales Notes – And your Favorite Setences and Strategie Notes always by hand when you start an interaction with a customer period.
  • Record yourself with all convincing and sympathing Sales Sentences you like, love and prefer. That Record should be over 30 minutes.

And all Benefits and Advantages about your Product and Services have to be on the record as well.

The way you speaking on the record has to be more and more convincing the more you re-recording it.