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The New Standard for Holistic Bio-Electrical Personal Training, Bio-electrical impulses are the natural radio signals of our bodies. 



From health to strength training, yoga, physiotherapy, competitive sports or personal training –  iBody is a reliable companion, no matter how it is used. The unique combination of electrotherapy and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), real time measurements, analysis and coaching with the EMS device, EMS suit and app, supports users in every aspect of their training – both indoors and out.

iBody is used by therapists, studios and fitness coaches to improve health and fitness through targeted EMS training units. Introduce your customers to a new kind of EMS training!

iBody EMS Wirless Dry Suit for Home Workout

CONTROL every muscle activity and movement.

With iBody, we’ve succeeded in developing an interface for these neural processes that measures biophysical performance data at a medical level. This measurement directly during training forms the basis for a tailored, active stimulation training. By documenting the results, targeted control of the training and the path to achieving goals are possible at any time.

Your goal setting is the starting point. Whether it’s becoming more efficient in sports, feeling one’s own energy and physical center in a new way, simply staying healthy, coming back after an injury, or starting anew: With its smart, highly flexible applications, iBody offers a comprehensive health and performance concept for each of these goals. It clearly describes the path to this goal, implements it easily, and actively accompanies the journey.

TRAIN. Bioelectrical Whole-Body Stimulation

In the second step, the All-In-One-Wearable stimulates all major muscle groups through over 2o large electrodes, finely dosed. 

This stimulation optimizes the desired direction set by the trainee or their trainer/caretaker. Thus, it perfects the efficiency of the training and the intensity of one’s own bodily experience. 

Success becomes measurable and replicable.

Program recommendation based on current training data.

  • 6  basic stimulation programs.
  • Low and modulated medium frequency.
  • 20 large dry electrodes.
  • Personal supervision by a therapist or trainer.
  • Completely mobile applications.
  • Usable indoors and outdoors.

iBody Smart Training Device 


Discover the world’s first “Smart Training System,” a technical quantum leap in the interaction between body analysis and bio-electrical stimulation. 

With very high accuracy and utmost reliability, the iBody Smart Training System measures a multitude of individual data during each training session.

TRANSFORM. Motivation and Targeted Development

Through subsequent documentation of the results, targeted control of the training and the path to achieving goals is possible at any time. 

This approach finds its application in rehabilitation, prevention, and training processes across all age and performance levels. As a medical product, iBody meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Your benefits:

  • Motivation through documented success
  • Continuous adaptation
  • Alignment of subjective perception and measurement of relevant training parameters (Sensitivity Training)
  • Improved understanding of physiological processes


iBody Tec Suit


The iBody Smart Training System combines state-of-the-art technology with current research. Its innovative design was developed based on the latest scientific findings in materials, technology, physiology, and medicine. As a result, the IBody Tec Suit is crafted for optimal fit, high freedom of movement, and durability. It feels as comfortable as a second skin and can be worn directly on the body. Fully integrated biosensors and easy-to-maintain patented dry electrodes combine cutting-edge technology with exceptional comfort.

The pivotal element is the innovative iBody Tec Suit. Equipped with 20 large dry electrodes  for all major muscle groups, it sets new standards. Manufactured according to the latest standards of a medical product, the iBody Tec Suit can be easily washed in the washing machine, ensuring the highest possible hygiene. Additionally, it can be regulated or paused directly on the iBody Controller. These are the best conditions for tailored success with every training session!


The iBody Tec Suit is crafted from specially developed, antibacterial high-tech fibers and materials. It guarantees an optimal fit, high freedom of movement, and durability.


The iBody Tec Suit feels as comfortable as a second skin and can be worn directly on the body. Of course, it can also be used with specific undergarments.


The distinctive light architecture emphasizes the futuristic high-tech look of the iBody. Its unique shape and light weight make it the perfect, mobile training companion.


Fully integrated sensors and dry electrodes allow for maximum comfort and ensure all-around comfortable training.


The iBody Smart Body Device measures numerous body functions – from muscular activity to heart rate variability, pulse, and body composition.


Control at your fingertips: The app accompanies the training sessions and stands out with unique user comfort.


The iBody Smart Body Device is securely fixed on the upper back and offers numerous applications with optimal freedom of movement and performance.

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