Free 10 Proven Facts for Weight Loss and Toning

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Weight Loss Facts that everyone can agree on.

Everybody on this planet wants to:

  • Be Healthy
  • Looking Good
  • Be In Shape
  • Feel Happy And Joyful
  • Be Successful In Some Area/Areas
  • Have A Healthy Back
  • Have A Wonderful Sleep
  • Have Enough Time To Be Flexible
  • Achieve Their Goals
  • Be Proud Of Themselves

The list could go on for several facts but let us pack the essence of everyones wishes in one sentence:
Everyone Wants To Enjoy Their Lives!

And exactly that is the point everyone wants.
Everybody wants to enjoy their lives.

Some want just to lose some pounds or kg’s and other ones want to be elite athletes.
Or being cellulite free and losing pounds of fat could be the goal as well.
It Doesn’t matter what you want if you want to build muscles or if you simply just want to get in great shape.
There is, Yes Here is the fastest and most healthy solution for it all!

BODY TIME provides the full package.
The special 20 minutes EMS workout only once per week that is not just the most time saving workout in the world, it is as well the most efficient and effective one that trains ultimately your whole Body for a complete week.

But you ask: What about my time at home?
You can be relaxed. You will have our knowledge and our support always with you, if it is at home or on holidays.
We created a sortiment of Applications for…:

  • Health / And Beauty
  • Weight loss / And Shaping
  • Nutrition / And Psychology
  • Muscle Building / And Toning
  • And an awesome Wealth Coach App
  • And many more

…that are setting a new Standard and are Top of the Game.
Because we are from Body Time, are the experts of successful transformations
and if you as a person or as a client are not able to get the help that you need outside of the gym or apart from the workout then you have to live with an even more higher risk to fail.
And that is something we let not happen.
If you are a client of Body Time you will get the best help in every situation and moment of your daily life to succeed.

How we get more people succeed than ever before?
We cover the world with Body Time Gymes by providing the best business opportunity, The Body Time Franchise, with a Return Of Investment of 200%, to classified applicants.
Body Time is not only the most profitable Franchise to own, it is as well one of the, if not the best in price and invenstment.

Weight Loss age is no excuse

Age is no excuse!

At body Time everybody get fit. And the good thing is it takes just 20 minutes once a week!


It’s not a quick fix that goes away, it is a scientific method. Burn up to 500 calories/session. With a maximum of only 1 sessions a week get lasting weight loss or toning results, faster.


It’s not a quick fix that goes away, it is a scientific method. Burn up to 500 calories/session. With a maximum of only 1 sessions a week get lasting results, faster.


It’s not just about having the body of your dreams. EMS Training is proven to reduce back pain, promote rapid fat and weight loss, reduce cellulite and even boost your immune system. Almost too good to be true.


We help weight loss by helping build muscle, burn excess calories and promote rapid fat loss. Unlike regular exercise, you can start seeing results in 4-6 weeks if you stick to the plan.


EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) is the most innovative workout to get to the fitness level you want to achieve. Discover the future of fitness. Book your trial now.


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Calf Muscles Explained

The calf muscle on the back of the lower leg is actually made up of two muscles.
First the gastrocnemius which is the larger calf muscle.
It forms the bulge visible beneath the skin.

Muscle Hypertrophy Explained

Muscle growth is a fascinating subject and chances are you want some yourself.

You probably know that to get your body to build new muscle tissue a few things need to happen.

Most importantly you need to create a stimulus for example through weight training and you also need to provide your body with the right building blocks to create new tissue like calories and enough protein.

But what exactly happens in your body when you have these things covered.

We know from studies that skeletal muscle tissue is the most adaptable tissue in the human body.

And even though we still haven’t figured out every last aspect of muscle growth it is a well researched topic that can help you improve your fitness routine.

So to help you understand the whole process we have to start with the basics.

Your muscles don’t actually grow during the workout.

Biceps Explained

The biceps with its full name being biceps brachii is called that way because it has two heads.
Both heads of the muscle arise on the scapula and join to form a single muscle belly which is attached to the upper forearm.
As you probably already know the biceps acts to flex the elbow and pretty much every guy wants bigger biceps.

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