EASY Nutrition

In just one sentence!


Exercise, Drink Water, Eat Veggies, Meat, Cheese, Eggs in a caloric
deficit daily 4 to 5 times including breakfast!


Thats all!

Anything else you eat makes you fat! I like to focus on the 5 things you should eat instead of the million things that you should not eat to succeed. NO SUGAR!!!

PRO TIP: To be alowed to eat more chees go for low fat! If you like to eat more  egs remove the yolk. Drink 3 to 4 liter water daily!

Next Steps

Step 1: Go to the Visual Guide below where  you can see exactly what to eat and what not to eat!

Step 2: Choose your Meal Plan! (Start with the 2000 Kcal!) And stick with it for 1 week! If you lose weight continue. If not go for the 1500 Kcal! Again not after one week 1000 Kcal.

Step 3: Go trough all content and videos to get a deeper understanding.


First What NOT to eat!

Now What to eat!

Now Take Care traps!

Good To Know!


Body Time EMS Fitness | Training in just 20 minutes

3 Steps To Get Fit 100%

1. Train with us every week once!

2. Follow the nutrtion plan explained here!

3. Hormone Test!

Let’s Go…

Kcal Calculator

Let’s Calculate Your Caloric Consumption

This is important that you know which meal plan suites you the best! Watch the video below to calculate your Caloric Consumption correct!



To Download the Meal Plan just click on the Meal Plan picture!











To Download the Meal Plan just click on the Meal Plan picture!

– Low Carb –







– One Carb Meal –








by Norbert Simonis

Eat Healthy WITHOUT Feeling Guilty :)

My favorite 42 Delicious Fat Burning Recipes for a Healthy & Fit Body WITHOUT giving up the food you love!

 Fit Regards

Keto Recipe eBook

“Eating a Keto lifestyle just got a little easier! Here’s a collection of our 20 most popular, family-friendly, Keto recipes that are both easy to make and delicious to eat! We’re confident you’ll be able to recreate these delicious meals for your family to enjoy in a flash.”

Need to lose weight fast and easy?

Let me help and show you the easy way!


To make nutrtion and diet easy!

MotivatedFit 100% Result Checklist

Weight Loss Guaranteed!

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  3. No SUGAR! Its addictive substance NOT food! 8X more addictive than Cocaine! Feed Cancer Cells! Diabetes! Provoke all kinds of diseases! Obesity!
  4. Low Carb Reduce Carbs!
  5. Increase Fat! Fat don’t make you fat!
  6. Drink Water 2 – 4 liter daily!
  7. Minimum 3 Meals better 5 meals Daily! Metabolism boost!
  8. 500g – 2000g Veggies Daily!
  9. 2g Protein / Kg Body Weight (Meat, Cheese, Eggs, 100g / 10Kg Body Weight
  10. Fibers 2x Daily (Linseed / Avocado)
  11. Kcal Deficit max – 1000 Kcal / Kcal Calculator plus Meal Plan
  12. No Fruits and juices! Just Water! Veggies for vitamins!
  13. Vitamin D – MUST! 
  14. Omega 3 – MUST!
  15. Vitamin C – MUST!
  16. Alkaline
  17. Multivitamin
  18. Zink
  19. Chlorella or Spirulina – Repair and improve cell situation!
  20. Astaxanthin – Repair and improve cell situation!
  21. L- Carnitine
  22. Chitosan


All your important DOCS you find here!


If you still don’t lose weight we need to go for a hormone test! As long your hormones are not inbalance you can’t lose weight! Most obese people suffer from this simple problem that is very easy to fix! Just go to a doctor and request following hormones tested! The Doctor will advise you with the next steps and which supplements are needed to fix each hormone issue will apear. 

Our Best result Peter 64 Years old JLT Branch Dubai

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WHY ONE 20 Minutes Session Once Per Week is enough?

Belive it or not a 20 minutes session oncd a week is easy to do and more than enough! Less is more when the workout is done professinal!

Muscles grow in the recovery phase. Every muscle needs just one workout once a week! At Body Time we do a full body workout! So it’s definitely more than enough! Focus on nutriton and extra cardio if you wanna do more, what we recommend highly!


Your Coach Norbert

How many sessions do I need to lose weight

Simple! To lose weight, you need muscles! Active muscles and bigger muscles! Your muscles are like an engine that burns fat 24/7 if they are active and growing! With that said, we need muscles! Muscles grow best when you train once a week and give a week’s rest, which means one session a week full-body workout is more than enough. I recommend you to do 2 additional cardio sessions in your home or outdoor.

2 Sessions per week we can do if you don’t get the time and motivation to do 2 cardio sessions, each 45 minutes duration per week!

BUT! Keep in mind the best results you get with one session per week EMS Workout, proper nutrition as explained here, and 2 cardio sessions each 45 minutes!

This is the easy, affordable, and most efficient way to achieve 100% of your fitness goals.

A proper consultation from A to Z with everything you need to know for EMS Training with BODY TIME. Click the BUTTON below.

About Norbert Simonis CEO & Founder Body Time

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Our vision is to make this world a better world and help all people around the world to get their dream body WITHOUT exercising daily and give up their favorite food! 

How: Working with teachable people motivated to educate themself and the world to reach our mission every day one step closer! 

Core values:

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Conclusion: We recognize there is a huge market out there 8 Billion people straggle loving healthy and having a bad life. For us changing that is our duty and biggest pleasure. AND for that we are here to motivate and open the eyes for successful living. 

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A world without a vision is a world that is left alone with its problems.

And what is the problem of the world right now?

Every second person gets cancer (50% cancer rate).

The highest sugar diseases rate in history with 70%-80% (wrong food intake).

As well the highest obesity rate in history, which is according to many studies the main cause for sickness and diseases (wrong nutrition & lack of exercise)

And many many more…

Because of that catastrophe the world is in total need of a vision –

And that important vision got OUR VISION.

According to studies are healthy people, mostly the ones who have more money than the average does.

And the healthier a country’s society, the more prosperous the society, studies based.

You can see,

if the health has that much power and influence over our quality of living life, then The Vision which has to be done is crystal clear. 

And what has to be done to fulfill the vision: To make the world healthy, successful, prosperous and happy?

We have to provide a health and fitness concept that is that much advanced and efficent that everybody can do it no matter how busy they are.

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