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A new LEAD don’t know what is !EMS! and Fitness sounds like heavy iron going daily to the gym sweating alone without results and breaking in as usual! You lose direct your first impression saying “You Show Interest in EMS Fitness!!”


#1: Lose 1 Kg a Week! (4 Kg a month up to 52 Kg a Year!!)


#3: Body Time Method! Gym replacement with just 20 minutes once a week

Lets get Started

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WhatsApp Message First!


I’m …… From Body Time, I got your inquiry! 

I’m pleased to help you reach your fitness goals. 

Do you wanna lose weight or build muscles? 

Get rid of back pain or cellulite? 

Or maybe all of them? 

First to know what EMS Training is at Body Time please watch this short video to understand what we will do for you!


Well now you know how EMS works and it’s time to book your first appointment to show you how you can lose 1Kg a week / 4Kg a month even 52 Kg a year! 

With just 20 minutes once a week! Sounds great right!

How much does it cost? 

We have different products starting from 0 AED.

Paid services starting from 7$ one time payment lifetime access! Like our health and wealth coaching program. 💪

Your 60 minutes consultation where we make your full Body Check and advise you what program to choose is free! 

Let’s get started, 

Let me know if I can call you back now?

Do you have a minute to talk on the phone?


Hi this is Norbert from BODY TIME,

 I can make you fit with just 197 AED a month‼️

 ✔️ Unlimited Sessions❗️

✔️ Personal Training❗️

✔️ Private and Safe❗️

✔️ Time saving just 20 minutes once a week❗️

 Get it NOW! Pass by TODAY and Get Started‼️

 Tomorrow become NEVER ‼️

 Can you go to the gym working out for hours to get fit⁉️

 Me NOT‼️

 At body time you get fit with just 20 minutes once a week❗️

 Get your one day pass to try all for just 47 AED ‼️

 Best fitness system in the world ‼️

Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset all from A to Z for just 197 AED ‼️

 Easy simple effective 👌



Hi this is …. from body time 

How are you today? 

The reason I call you….

is that I got your inquiry

…for sure you are looking to reach your fitness goals 

….having more energy and feel good in your skin! 

Let me know what is your fitness goal!

Is it:

Losing weight what most of all people are doing? 

Building muscles? 

Get rid of back pain?

Or maybe Cellulite? (For Ladies!!!)

Or just having more energy, power, and success in life? 

Maybe it’s all of them…

Look we are the market leader!

For weight loss and reaching all mentioned fitness goals! With just 20 minutes once a week!

And I love to invite you to a free 60 minutes consultation where I teach you how to lose 1Kg a week, 4 kg a month and so on… 

How sounds that? All of that without exercising daily and without giving up your favorite food!

Yes, you hear it right no exercising and eat what you love! 

On the top, I will introduce you to our latest German gym technology that replaces a full week of a gym with a single 20 minutes session once a week!

I think we have a lot to discover together and start making you fit getting your desired dream body a lifetime lasting without ever breaking in again! 

So let’s meet as soon as possible today because your health is always the first priority! 

What is your best time today!!!

No time today ok than please let’s plan and organize everything that tomorrow we do it 100% !!!

Actually, I’m not a fan of tomorrow because tomorrow becomes never for most people! So please let’s manage everything that we do it 100% tomorrow! 

Now you …. book his appointment 

Send him the location!

And Tel him I Will send you location and all you need on WhatsApp! 

After that you say:

And you promise me no excuses anymore!

No more tomorrow like decades already done!! Ok? 

Now it’s your time to get your dream body and a dram life a lifetime lasting 

See you tomorrow! 

What else you can say!

Phone Script 1

We have the Best Fitness  System in the world!

To lose 1 Kg a Week Getting your dream body without giving up anything, without breaking in again, AND a lifetime lasting!

All we need for this is just 20 minutes once a week!

It starts from 0 AED paid service start from a 7$ one-time payment WITHOUT monthly recurring payment!

Full gym replacement with just 20 minutes once a week!!!

Body Time is the future of fitness!

Our clients will resign because they will lose too much weight 😂

Phone Script 2

If you never reach that point to get your Dream Body a lifetime lasting, you need to know the reason why you can’t lose weight! 

Simply, 80% is nutrition and 20% is just working out!

Doesn’t matter if you go to the gym or to do a quick EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) Session, that takes just 20 minutes once a week for a full-body workout…

It’s always the same! Sport doesn’t make you lose weight! 

It’s the food you eat who makes you fat! AND also the food you eat will make you lose weight. 

I can show you together with my team at body time how you can lose 1 kg a week without giving up your favorite food! 

We have an amazing weight loss strategy that helped thousands of people already! 

If you wanna lose weight what are you waiting for let’s get started!

Phone Script 3

Do you wanna lose weight and just feel amazing full of power and health?

Do you wanna learn how to lose 1 kg a week without giving up anything? 

I can help you get started without continue using excuses like no time today, I come tomorrow, I come next week! 

And you benefit from a healthy and fit dream body having more time daily on the top! 

Look that’s exactly why I’m here to help you fix exactly this issue that you still till now don’t reach to that point to get your dream body a lifetime lasting WITHOUT ever breaking in again! 

All I need is that you accept my help and time for a FREE short 1-hour consultation! That’s all! And your life will change to a much better one! 

Please don’t forget health is the priority and necessary for creating wealth! Scheduling that for later will effect to get it later that’s most probably NEVER! 

The only problem is I have limited slots available! So we need to decide now! 

I got daily fuller and fuller! Because our weight loss system that is very easy and works for everybody! 

Long Phone sales script

Hi #NAME#,

If you have the feeling that weight loss seems impossible alone…. I have good news for you!

Yes, you are right sometimes it seems impossible! But don’t forget nothing is impossible!

If you know what to do it’s very easy! But if not: “It seems impossible!

What do you think if you take one hour of your time and invest in your health?

I can help you reach your fitness goals with just 20 minutes once a week!

AND the award is you feel better you look better and you have more time! Yes, you hear its right you have more time!

WHY? Because investing in health has a high return of investment. Just a little time brings you a lot of time back!

First: You will have more power and can organize your day better without getting exhausted!

Second: Imagine you train with Body Time 20 minutes once a week! That’s in 30 years a time of 21 days! And if you do that your health will reward you with 10 years longer living! And not just that you will live the total next 40 years and more a quality life healthy without suffering!

That’s why keep in mind fitness gives you more time back in return!

And let’s be honest! It’s fun at Body Time because it takes just 20 minutes once a week!

Plus don’t forget what most people do wrong and are not aware of!

They struggle all life investing their time making money and giving their health to make money! And then they pay the money back to get their health back!!!

Is that not crazy? 

Do you want that? I’m sure not 

#NAME# give me a call I’m here for you to help you

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