Body Time, because i don’t have time to go to the gym and exercise daily!

Body Time is a new training method from germany that build muscles and burn your fat in the same time with just 20 minutes once per week. Yes just 20 minutes once per week thats the truth! We know also that this sounds to good but its the truth and can’t tell you something else. So for benefit from this you have to try it because Body Time is not for thinking about it is something to feel. One single session is enough to convince your self.

So stop thinking about losing weight because losing weight is something to do and just start to do it now! Book your first appoinment now!


Through efficient EMS training

Body Time relies on a method that has already become established in astronautics and sports medicine: EMS training, a highly innovative muscle stimulation.

Studies of Sport University of Cologne and University of Bayreuth have proven their high effectiveness.

EMS also trains deeper muscle fibers at once. This makes the EMS training particularly efficient.

Whether for intensive workouts or to lose weight: EMS training allows the fitness program in any training type trim and brings in no time successes that can be seen.

And in each of the more than 20 Body Time international studios are living proof their impressive benefits:

  • A Mega-plus in training efficiency, each of which can benefit quickly!

  • 20 minutes of exercise a week is enough – even with ambitious goals!

  • Ideal for those who want to achieve a lot with little time! When detaching or for buttocks and abdomen muscle training.
You will lose weight fast because Body Time train all your muscles with a higher intensity than at the gym. In a single session all your muscles will be activated to start burning your fat, you will lose weight easy and fast. Body Time Training burns 500 Ckal with a single 20 minutes session. The intensity is much more higher than at the gym, 92% of your muscles fibres will be activated with just 20 miutes once per week. At the gym in a whole week you can activate just 30 – 50% of your muscles fibres. And that with a whole week daily 1 -2 hour workout! So that’s why you can lose weight so fast. Body Time makes you very easy fit!
Body Time makes you easy fit because you save precious time. You train and activate all your 650 muscles in just 20 minutes once per week. So if you don’t have time or don’t like to go daily at the gym, Body Time makes you very easy fit!
With Body Time you lose fat very fast, for burning your fat you need muscles and exactly that is what Body Time does. First Body Time activates all your 650 muscles, so your body start burning fat. Second step is you get very easy fit and you gain muscles. You increase your muscles and you will start burning fat even more and more. So these are the reasons why you lose fat so fast with Body Time.


Achieve Your Fitness Goals With 20 Min

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